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Non-smoking Greek island
« on: Monday, 08 October, 2018 @ 14:04:19 »
Greece’s Astypalea Aims to Become First Smoke-Free Island

The island of Astypalea, in the Dodecanese, has set the ambitious task of becoming the first Greek island that is “smoke-free”.

In a country where smoking is widespread, the local authority announced plans to run the campaign of “Astypalea without cigarettes” with the help of an unlikely partner: The Papastratos tobacco company, a subsidiary of Philip Morris, that has redesigned its global strategy and set up a goal to replace cigarettes with smoke-free products.

The campaign will not policed, but it will rely on the good-will of residents and tourists alike, says Mayor of Astypalea Panormitis Kontaratos.

“We prefer to rely on everyone’s philotimo and not on the implementation of police measures. After all, the latter have not brought any significant results in Greece. All our efforts will focus on information and awareness,” says Kontaratos.

The mayor insists that the island will not become hostile to smokers.