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Personal data "weaponised"
« on: Wednesday, 24 October, 2018 @ 15:15:45 »
Apple's Tim Cook takes aim at Google and Facebook over 'weaponised data'

Apple's Tim Cook has warned that mass data collection from tech companies is "surveillance" as data is "weaponised against us with military efficiency".

In a speech to privacy commissioners in Brussels, Mr Cook placed Apple in opposition to tech firms such as Google and Facebook.

"We see painfully how technology can harm, rather than help," the Apple chief executive said. "Platforms and algorithms that promise to improve our lives can actually magnify our worst human tendencies."

The Apple chief executive added that companies that harvest data can gather "stockpiles of personal data only serve to enrich the companies that collect them".

Mr Cook added that nation states and rogue actors had used data gathering to "deepen divisions, incite violence".

The article goes on to say Apple, "has caused the spread and growth of smartphone-based social media" and that "the Safari search engine... uses Google advertising... estimated this is worth up to $9bn to Apple".

If Facebook buys a security company, how will it retain the staff who absolutely hate Facebook?

According to The Information Facebook is planning to acquire a cybersecurity firm.

However, the issue I find interesting is if Facebook did actually acquire a company brimming with security boffins, there’s a good chance that a fair proportion of them would be very privacy-minded. And it’s quite possible that a good number of them would rather pull their toenails out with pliers than find that their new boss is Mark Zuckerberg.

People who believe in internet security and privacy tend to have quite a dim view of those companies who have made billions duping users into over-sharing their personal data.