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Greece and the Roman Empire
« on: Friday, 29 March, 2019 @ 02:38:09 »
Secrets of horrific battle with Cleopatra that gave birth to Roman Empire revealed by ancient monument
World exclusive: Remarkable research into the first Roman Emperor’s victory monument in the ancient city of Nicopolis uncovers his history-changing advantage

Archaeologists and historians are shedding extraordinary new light on one of the most important events in human history – the horrific battle which gave birth to the Roman Empire.

A detailed study of a unique victory monument, overlooking the sea in northwest Greece, is revealing some of the long-lost secrets of that crucial military engagement – a great sea battle, fought between Julius Caesar’s adoptive son and heir, Octavian (who became Rome’s first emperor) and Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra (and her Roman lover, Mark Antony).

The remains of the victory monument still survive adjacent to Nicopolis – the largest ancient ruined city in Greece.