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'Public' beaches?
« on: Saturday, 04 May, 2019 @ 13:21:05 »
How “Public” are Greek Beaches in Reality?

The recent proposed legislation on the use of Greece’s shoreline which was brought before the Greek Parliament contained an article – Number 34 – which stipulates that illegal structures for business purposes can be legalized with an appropriate fine.

The proposed amendment caused fierce reaction throughout Greece, mostly from ecology groups, on the grounds of environmental protection.

However, the legislation brought to the surface the thorny issue of the ongoing exploitation of Greece’s coastal areas by private businesses. On the vast majority of beaches in Attica and tourist destinations throughout Greece, one has to pay dearly to enjoy what the businesses are enjoying for free.

The Greek Constitution states clearly that the country’s shoreline is considered a public good, and Greek citizens have the right to access and use beaches any time they please.  However, no single person or company has the right to exploit a public beach or block access to any Greek citizen.


Quite interesting to see what the law is and what happens in reality.