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Gormley on Delos
« on: Sunday, 05 May, 2019 @ 02:37:12 »
Antony, not Joe:

Antony Gormley is the new kid on the block in ancient Greece
The British sculptor has, controversially, been commissioned to create works for the island of Delos, a sacred classical site

In all seasons the elements rage on Delos. In winter, salt winds pound its granite rocks; in summer the sun beats so heavily that the tiny outcrop, treeless and bare, almost vanishes in a haze of heat.

But it was here, on the ancient Greek world’s most sacred isle, that Apollo, the god of light and his twin sister Artemis, the moon goddess, were born. And it was here in the heart of the Aegean that, in the 9th century BC, one of the greatest sanctuaries emerged. Today, the remains of temples, altars, sculptures and votive offerings, the markers of the myths and rituals played out on Delos, stand alongside the magnificent ruins of a later period when the Cycladic island became a commercial centre, teeming with merchants and slaves.

Arriving visitors see, on their left, what was once the sacred court dedicated to Apollo and Artemis; to the right are the wall paintings and mosaics of uniquely preserved homes from the Hellenistic age. It is an extraordinary legacy for an island barely 5km long by 1.5km wide. In the absence of human contact – only guards and archaeologists have inhabited Delos in more recent times – the remains of a sanctuary and entire city have survived like nowhere else in Greece.

It is in this unspoilt idyll that Greek authorities have undertaken an experiment as exciting as it is ambitious. At its centre is Sir Antony Gormley.

Gormley on Delos - in pictures
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