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Grappling with an old ill
« on: Thursday, 24 April, 2014 @ 13:31:16 »
Who says only modern-day pro wrestling is fake?

Researchers have deciphered a Greek document that shows an ancient wrestling match was fixed. The document, which has a date on it that corresponds to the year A.D. 267, is a contract between two teenagers who had reached the final bout of a prestigious series of games in Egypt.

This is the first time that a written contract between two athletes to fix a match has been found from the ancient world.

In the contract, the father of a wrestler named Nicantinous agrees to pay a bribe to the guarantors (likely the trainers) of another wrestler named Demetrius. Both wrestlers were set to compete in the final wrestling match of the 138th Great Antinoeia, an important series of regional games held along with a religious festival in Antinopolis, in Egypt.

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Re: Grappling with an old ill
« Reply #1 on: Thursday, 24 April, 2014 @ 23:46:55 »
I remember in my professional days having some meetings with head teachers in primary schools (invariably male) who added to the complaints about some boy's behaviour comments about him copying WWF moves in the playground and thereby causing grief to other kids, and then throwing in "well, it's all fixed these days".  All I had to do was start talking about Jackie Pallo, Billy Two Rivers and commentary by Kent Walton and how I loved trying out the Boston crab when I was 9 - they came over all misty-eyed, kept the reminiscences going for 10 minutes without me saying another word and the whole thing was forgotten.  Oh yeah, and it was fixed then, too!