Author Topic: A recent, and bloody, history  (Read 1042 times)

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A recent, and bloody, history
« on: Wednesday, 05 June, 2019 @ 12:33:54 »
My Father’s Hidden Weapon: Reflections on WW II

It must have been late 1943 and I was about ten months old. A woman who hated my father told the Germans in the village that my father was hiding a pistol at his house. In the German-occupied Greece of World War II, this was an accusation that could lead to death, indeed the murder of my entire family.

The Germans surrounded our home. They ordered my mother, two of my sisters, and an aunt to stand against the wall. A couple of soldiers started searching the home for the banned weapon.

My family lived in the village Valsamata of the island of Cephalonia in the Ionian Sea between Greece and Italy. My peasant father had hidden a gun in the house.