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Ancient windsurfer!
« on: Thursday, 20 June, 2019 @ 03:56:44 »
81-year-old windsurfer from Kefalonia rides the Ionian Sea everyday

Anastasia Gerolymatou from Kefalonia has reached the age of 81, but that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying her favourite water sports, windsurfing.

Born in 1938, Anastasia has been windsurfing for forty years, a sport which isn’t popular amongst those her age, as the physical activity requires balance and muscular endurance.

In a video posted to youtube, Anastasia states that every morning after waking up she kneads her bread in her stone oven, picks olives from her tress, video chats to her distant relatives and then takes her board to face the Ionian sea.

“I am 81 and I still dream…every morning, my first thought is what will the weather be like today. Like the seagulls that wait for the sweet breeze to take them away, so does my heart which leaves and flies high,“ Anastasia stated.

The fearless windsurfer is proof that with passion and optimism, anything is possible.

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Re: Ancient windsurfer!
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"Ancient"? - Mature