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Keep Alert!
« on: Friday, 28 June, 2019 @ 12:38:31 »
Greek Civil Protection: Be Ahead of the Fire – Alert, Prevent, Act

As the weather gets hotter and the traditional Greek summer winds stronger, civil protection authorities are urging residents and travelers to take preventative measures, be alert and ready to act in order to avoid fires.

According to the fire brigade, 95 percent of all blazes in Greece are “man-made”. At the same time, experts are calling on the government in view of climate change to immediately set into force a complete and coherent management plan which would cover the entire country.

Besides providing hourly weather updates and a detailed fire map, the Secretariat of Civil Protection reminds that any form of burning – rubbish or dry leaves and branches – is prohibited during the May-October period.

Individuals are advised to be alert, prepared and to take preventative measures:......