Author Topic: Kefalonia, a high risk of earthquakes  (Read 9847 times)

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Kefalonia, a high risk of earthquakes
« on: Wednesday, 31 July, 2019 @ 22:19:10 »
The Areas with Highest Earthquake Risks in Greece

Of course, the entire nation of Greece is prone to a great deal of seismic activity, including earthquakes. As scientists say, the entirety of the famous “Greek Bow” is an earthquake zone, starting from around the island of Lefkada, curving across the sea all the way to Rhodes.

According to research, there are three areas in the Greek Bow where seismic activity is frequent and can cause loss of life and great destruction because of its great magnitude.

In the first area, to the north of the island of Lefkada...

The second area, located south of the island of Kefalonia, forms the western part of the Greek Bow.

The third seismic area is located between the first two, in the wider area of ​​Kefalonia, from Zakynthos to Lefkada.

Quite an interesting read; as it says, although the area has more 'quakes than other parts of Greece the magnitude tends to be a little lower.