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The Kef connection
« on: Tuesday, 01 October, 2019 @ 20:34:34 »
How a Shipwreck Transformed a Pristine Beach on Greece’s Zakynthos Island

It is perhaps the most photographed shipwreck in the world. Lying upright on a sandy beach on the northwestern coast of Zakynthos since October of 1980, the wreck of the “Panagiotis” is visited by millions of tourists.

Despite the worry that the wreck would be a blot on the otherwise pristine beach, picturesque “Shipwreck Beach” has become the very symbol of Zakynthos.

It has been rumoured that the ship was smuggling contraband, including cigarettes and alcohol, when it ran aground, on what was originally known as “Agios Georgios Beach,” during stormy weather and low visibility.

The ship was immediately abandoned by its crew, and some of them, mostly Greek sailors, were arrested, along with their captain. However, they were all later cleared of the smuggling charges.

Rumour still has it, however, that locals stripped the cargo of contraband cigarettes and alcohol. It is said that the island did not import cigarettes for months after the accident.

Recently, the captain of the ship, Kefalonia-born Charalambos Kompothekras–Kotsoros, released his account of what actually happened...

Rumour at one time was the Spyros, a guy who worked at Etam in Skala and who lived near the Pastra pizza hut, had been the captain. Along with the rumour about smuggling it was quite believable.