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Discovering Kefalonia
« on: Thursday, 10 October, 2019 @ 12:07:10 »
Discovering Kefalonia: Captain Corelli’s isle has A-list star quality

High on many Kefalonia itineraries is a trip to Antisamos Beach where many of the film scenes were shot. It doesn’t disappoint. If pretty beaches are your thing, visit Myrtos Beach, too.

Kefalonia’s population stands at less than 40,000, so tourism plays a huge part in the local economy.

Drive around the coastline, the golden beaches, towering cliffs and rugged mountains and some of the 365 villages and you begin to understand Kefalonia’s popularity.

OK, maybe JMO but AntiSamos was a lot prettier before the new 'tavernas' materialised. And, like Myrtos, it's not a golden beach! Do these people actually visit the places they write about?  :dunno:

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Re: Discovering Kefalonia
« Reply #1 on: Thursday, 10 October, 2019 @ 18:10:07 »
I agree Maik it was beautiful, Have lovely memories of times spent snorkling there.A hand full  of bread and you were surrounded with wonderful fish.It was never the same when the taverna arrived.We had many a BBQ on the beach!Just heaven,I called it the Bounty beach as it reminded us of a chocolate bar advert at the time.Memories i will always keep! !