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Feast of Agios Gerasimos
« on: Sunday, 20 October, 2019 @ 09:29:15 »
Feast Day of Agios Gerasimos, Patron Saint of Kefalonia

The Patron Saint of Kefalonia island, Agios Gerasimos, has been a source of solace and strength for locals and pilgrims that arrive at the island to receive his grace every year. His holy relics are kept in a glass relic-case in the magnificent, highly ornate Saint Gerasimos church in the Omala area.

Saint Gerasimos is celebrated on two special feast days, 16th August – the anniversary of his death and today, the 20th October, which commemorates the day his bones were removed from his tomb.

Today is one of the most significant days for Kefalonia and all Kefalonians living on the island or abroad. Today, everything revolves around the commemoration of the Restitution of Agios Gerasimos’ Sacred Relic. The ceremonies take place at Agios Gerasimos Convent at Omala, with the participation of clergy, nuns and many officials.

Thousands of people from the island and all across Greece come to pay their respect to Agios Gerasimos during the two days.

Agios Gerasimos was the offspring of the noble family of Notaras and his great-grandfather was the last Prime Minister of the Byzantine Empire. After being educated in the most respectable institutions of the time, Agios Gerasimos was ordained a monk at Mount Athos and then travelled to Jerusalem where he stayed for twelve years. In 1555 AD he arrived in Kefalonia and spent five years in a cave in Lassi as a hermit.