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AV "is dead"
« on: Thursday, 08 May, 2014 @ 00:36:14 »
Symantec, maker of the widely used Norton Antivirus software suite, has declared that antivirus technology “is dead”.

The company’s senior vice president of information security Brian Dye told the Wall Street Journal that hackers were not only finding new ways to break into computers but that antivirus wasn’t “a moneymaker in any way."

Mr. Dye said that the company’s antivirus software catches just 45 per cent of cyberattacks – an admission that sounds surprising but that reflects a broader shift in the cybersecurity industry as experts are forced to adapt to new methods employed by hackers.

Hm, Norton performs very well, according to reports by Dennis Technology Labs. All depends on what's being tested, and what angle Norton want to push.