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Cyber Streetwise
« on: Monday, 13 January, 2014 @ 16:22:43 »
Half of UK people are not protecting themselves online, says government

People are not doing enough to ensure they stay safe online, according to the UK government, who has today launched a new £4 million campaign to help raise awareness of cyber security issues.

Some facts and figures:

    94% of people surveyed see it as their personal responsibility to ensure a safer internet experience.


    Just 44% always install security software on new equipment
    Only 37% download updates and patches for personal computers when prompted
       - and just 21% do on mobile devices.
    30% use complex passwords to protect online accounts, and
    57% don’t always check websites are secure before making a purchase.

The Be Cyber Streetwise campaign aims to help raise awareness of cyber security, change the way people view and approach online safety, and provide tools and tricks through the Cyber Streetwise website to help everyone stay safer online.
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