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Greece faces two times more wildfires this year: study

Greece has so far faced 8,270 wildfires from the start of this year until mid-August, double the number recorded by the same period last year, according to Fire Brigade statistics, local newspaper "Eleftheros Typos" (Free Press) reported on Saturday.

At least 20 percent of wildfires each year are linked to arson and the usual suspect in most cases is a middle aged local, according to a study made by Andrianos Gourbatsis, a retired Deputy Chief of the Greek Fire Service.

The 30 percent of wildfires breaking out nationwide each year in Greece is linked to negligence and 10 percent to natural causes, he said, presenting the results of a survey based on official statistics and data going back to 2000.

Regarding the 20 percent of cases linked to arson, the suspect in 95 percent of incidents is a Greek male, according to the survey.

The 63 percent of suspects detained was over 45 years old and the 99 percent had no psychological problems.