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Time on Kefalonia:

Paska / Easter Calculator
* Enter a year from AD 326 to 4099 *

Pascha / Greek Orthodox Easter spreadsheet version

Gives other moveable dates associated with Easter, e.g. start date of apokreas ('karnavali'), tsiknopempti (Meatfare Thursday), tyrofagis (Cheesefare Sunday and final day of karnavali), kathara devtera (Clean Monday,) etc.

By default it calculates and displays Paska dates for the current year and nine successive years, or you can enter a year in cell A1


Should work in Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Gnumeric, etc. Might open as read-only so save to e.g. My Documents or Desktop, close and re-open. Spreadsheet tested as far ahead as 2023 and looks to work fine but is offered "as is".

Click on icon to start download: paska

Paska online calculator script thanks to
The spreadsheet formula for calculating Greek Easter is based on the Oudin algorithm I found on Claus Tondering's website.
The spreadsheet formula for calculating Western Easter is a slightly modified version of one I found on and, as it says, should be accurate for dates from 1900 - 2203.

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