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Privacy Policy respects your privacy and does not, and will not, sell or give away your personal details, nor will GGi spam you. To enable the website and message board to function normally certain non-personally identifiable information may be recorded, such as the IP addresses of visitors. The only personally identifiable information collected is whatever you provide, should you choose to register on the message board. (GGi) uses cookies to enable the website and message board to work fluidly. If you're not sure what cookies are, they're small, harmless, text files used as visitor 'identity cards'. Cookies are not, and cannot be used as, 'viruses'. By using GGi you are implicitly agreeing to their use.

GGi does not use cookies, invisible pixel tags or other means to collect or store personally identifiable information nor to track you across the 'net.

GGi uses services provided by e.g. Google and, using the site search or clicking the 'Time on Kefalonia is' link will likely result in these providers placing a cookie / cookies on your PC to enable their websites to work fluidly (first-party cookies). Advertisers on those websites may also place cookies on your PC (third-party cookies). Advertisers on GGi will use their own cookies to enable their websites to work as intended and their websites may contain third-party cookies. Their websites are not the responsibility of nor under the control of

GGi also contains links to e.g. news sources, clicking on those links may likely result in the website(s) visited placing cookies on your PC and advertisers on those websites may place cookies on your PC. This is normal practice and these actions are beyond the responsibility or control of GGi.

Cookies can be removed quite easily but will keep returning unless you block them, this is also quite easy but doing so may degrade the visitor experience.
Cookies: Firefox / Manage your cookies and site data: Google Chrome / Deleting and managing cookies: Internet Explorer (select IE version from drop down on r.h.s.)

GGi does not use Local Shared Objects (a.k.a. LSOs or Flash cookies) but you may find e.g. YouTube videos on GGi. Viewing YouTube videos (whether on GGi or elsewhere) may result in Flash cookies being placed on your PC by YouTube. A Flash cookie is like a regular cookie except that it has a longer 'life' and can store more complex data and is therefore sometimes known as a 'super cookie'.

Updated: 28/12/13

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