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Man lures cat with fish, kicks it into the sea; Greeks demand his punishment



--- Quote ---A video shows a man luring a cat with a fish. When the tuxedo kitty comes near he kicks it and it falls into the sea. A friend of his is filming the abuse and the video is uploaded on social media short time later. The animal abuse triggers an outrage and even the minister in charge intervenes, asking police and electronic crimes department to identify, locate and arrest the perpetrators.

The incident took place in a tavern of Aidipsos on the island of Evia on May 1.

The outrageous video shows the cats approaching the table, how the perpetrator with a tattoo on his leg lures one of them with a fish and then kicks it. His friends are heard laughing as he tries to do the same with the second cat, nobody tries to stop him or even raise a single one objection.
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Video in link...


--- Quote ---Greek authorities on Monday held a 30 year old Albanian man suspected of enticing a kitten with food at a restaurant where he was dining and then kicking it into the sea, according to the Police Minister.

If charged and convicted of animal abuse, the suspect faces up to 10 years in prison and a maximum 50,000-euro fine.
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"a 30 year old Albanian man"... "If charged and convicted"   Hm, wonder what'll happen there  :hmm:

And there's a bit of a follow on:

--- Quote ---Afroditi Latinopoulou: “Animal abuse is bigger news than the abuse of a 17-year-old by Pakistanis”
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I can't quite decide if she's upset at the 17 y-o being abducted or because it was by Pakistanis. Hey ho  :dunno:


--- Quote ---The man was arrested on Monday and appeared in court on Wednesday and released pending his trial on Friday 6 May. His lawyer, speaking to Greece’s Mega TV channel stated that he has only been charged with a misdemeanor and not a felony. If convicted, the man still may face a heavy penalty.

After the backlash he received on social media, the man tried to excuse his behaviour stating that “We drank a little too much ouzo, haha and we did something stupid. In fact, we did not kick, but pushed the cat onto the pebble beach below.”
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