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ENFIA replaces property tax

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--- Quote from: Maik on Monday, 11 August, 2014 @ 00:21:47 ---Thanks, Bry. Bit of pronunciation help needed here... ENFIA - is that pronounced "in fear"?

("tax notifications were evidently based on a plethora of omissions and faulty data").

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Not sure of the pronunciation but the acronym stands for:

Extremely Nasty Financial Impositions Accumulated

or possibly

English Nationals Fear Impounded Assets

.... unless of course you have any better suggestions!  ;)


Spoke to my accountant yesterday who confirmed to go back early next month as the sums need redoing and the first payment won't be till late September - at the moment.


--- Quote ---Property owners in Greece will not receive any income tax rebates due until the resolution of the new single property ownership tax (ENFIA) issue, which caused an uproar last week due to erroneous data having been used in the calculations.

The Finance Ministry has rolled back the first ENFIA installment payment date to the end of September, aspiring to correct most of the errors by then. This means that property-owning taxpayers will not get any income tax rebates before then, the official response being that any rebates will eventually be cleared against any other taxes owed.
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--- Quote ---The Finance Ministry will upload its revised ENFIA notifications on September 15, when it will also make an application available to taxpayers who wish to correct erroneous data.
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--- Quote ---The single property tax (ENFIA) and the errors it contains are expected to top the agenda of a meeting between Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis and New Democracy lawmakers on Friday, as the government prepares to make changes to the levy that should ease the burden on thousands of taxpayers.

The Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) informed the government this week that it could extend the period it has to collect the tax.
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