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ENFIA replaces property tax

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Our accountant printed the forms off for us this week & our 1st instalment has to be paid by29th August

According to this article the deadline has been extended...

--- Quote ---The deadline for paying the first installment of the new single property tax, known as ENFIA, has been extended by one month, deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos said Thursday.

The original deadline was August 29.

The decision follows strong criticism from taxpayers and opposition papers after numerous reports of omissions and faulty data. Venizelos said officials needed more time to fix the problems.

Greece's Finance Ministry was expected to issue an official statement later on Thursday.

--- End quote ---

All sounds as confusing as usual!  :blink:     Roger, the article says you have to enter 'your special code' - how do you find out what the 'special code' is?  I pay a friend's on his behalf and it was ideal to just pay it along with the electricity - simple!  Now I'm assuming I'll have to go to his accountant to have it printed off  (for which I feel sure he will charge a fee!)  If I could do it myself it would make life so much easier.  Any info would be much appreciated.   :help:

Hi Mary, everyone who has registered to deal with the tax authorities electronically (hereafter referred to as "utter scum"!  :lol: ) gets a username and a (changeable) password.  I am not sure if the site offers an English version?

Thanks, Bry. Bit of pronunciation help needed here... ENFIA - is that pronounced "in fear"?

("tax notifications were evidently based on a plethora of omissions and faulty data").


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