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Google AI pushes malware
« on: Monday, 25 March, 2024 @ 17:22:54 »
Google's new AI search results promotes sites pushing malware, scams

Google's new AI-powered 'Search Generative Experience' algorithms recommend scam sites that redirect visitors to unwanted Chrome extensions, fake iPhone giveaways, browser spam subscriptions, and tech support scams.

What makes this trickier is how Google's AI answers search queries in a conversational tone, pushing websites to visit for more information. Since SGE links to websites within the answers, this can make the malicious sites seem more believable and trustworthy.

It is unclear how these low-quality sites are making it into Google's AI-powered search algorithms.

However, as AI becomes a more significant part of how we search online, it is becoming increasingly clear that we cannot automatically trust the information these algorithms produce and must verify sites before visiting them.

As most of the scam sites promoted by SGE lead to unwanted browser notification spam, learning how to unsubscribe from them is essential.

To unsubscribe to browser notifications from a site, you can open the notifications settings page in your browser to see a list of sites that you are subscribed to.

For Google Chrome, you can do this by following these steps:

    Open Chrome > Settings > Content > Notifications.
    Under "Allowed to send notifications", you will see a list of sites that you have subscribed to browser notifications. For each one, click on the the three dots next to the URL and select Remove to revoke the subscription.

Once done, you will no longer receive browser notification spam from these sites.

Or: don't use Google.
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