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Looking for a laptop?
« on: Friday, 10 November, 2023 @ 23:24:41 »
Anyone looking for an inexpensive new laptop for less than £200? Amazon are offering a Lenovo IdeaPad for £139 while there's more choice starting at £139 at Argos. At that price none are going to be fast and Windows may seem rather (or very) slow, depending on what you're doing. Apart from Chromebooks, which I'd avoid like the plague (I just don't like 'em), they all run Windows 11, most in S-mode. Things to bear in mind:

An N5030 chip is faster than an N4500 chip is faster than an N4120 is faster than an N4020
An SSD drive is better than eMMC storage
128GB is better than 64GB

Probably worth reading the user reviews before deciding.
For info only, no recommendations implied.

Definitely not recommended, these Amazon 'bargains'