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Zante shipwreck closed 2024
« on: Wednesday, 08 May, 2024 @ 18:32:04 »
Shipwreck of Zakynthos: Closed this year from land and sea – What the Joint Ministerial Decision states
This year too, the prohibitions that applied in 2023 will apply in full

The Joint Ministerial Decision of four ministers (Civil Protection, Maritime and Island Policy, Tourism and Climate Crisis and Civil Protection) was published in the Government Gazette, which provides for the prohibition of access to the Zante Shipwreck, both on the beach from the sea and from the land, from the so-called plateau.

According to the EIS, the prohibitions in force last year remain in full: No traffic and approach – anchoring of boats, nor swimming by passengers on board the boats anywhere in the bay and specifically in the sea area inside the imaginary line, which connects the two ends (north and south) of the bay. As far as the plateau is concerned, access by visitors is prohibited, with a prohibition limit of 10 metres from the edge of the slope.

The EIS on measures to prohibit visitor access to the area of the Zante Shipwreck.