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Grapevine / News Briefs / Re: 02/06/23
« Last Post by Maik on Friday, 02 June, 2023 @ 05:04:55 »
DFDS launches new Initiative to Protect Sperm Whales in Southern Greece

At DFDS, our awareness of how our ferry and logistics activities impact biodiversity is growing. We are taking essential steps to protect marine life in the Mediterranean around the Southern part of Greece, a critical habitat for endangered sperm whales.

Together with a coalition of NGOs, including IFAW, Ocean Care, Pelagos Cetacean Institute, and WWF Greece, DFDS has developed initiatives to reduce vessel-whale collisions in the Hellenic Trench in Southern Greece:

* Route Adjustments: We have redefined our vessel routes to avoid high-risk areas known for frequent sperm whale sightings.

* Slow Steaming: We have limited vessel speeds in these high-risk zones to minimize the potential of collisions.

* Spotting and Reporting: We have initiated a policy encouraging all Masters to maintain vigilance, identify whales, and communicate sightings promptly to DFDS vessels and other ships in the vicinity.
Grapevine / News Briefs / Re: 02/06/23
« Last Post by Maik on Friday, 02 June, 2023 @ 05:00:10 »
The Deadliest Decade for Shark Attacks in Greece

The paper, authored by Christos Taklis, provides a detailed statistical breakdown of shark attacks occurring in Greece over the past 180 years.

The author of the study collected data from a variety of sources to build a comprehensive profile of incidents occurring in Greece between the years 1847 and 1981.

According to the study, the deadliest decade for recorded shark attacks in Greek waters was the 1950s. Over this ten-year period, there were a total of six incidents, five of which proved fatal.

The overall picture though, is that shark attacks in Greece are rare. Over the 180-year period examined in the paper, there were only 15 total recorded incidents.

The author of the study could not identify any shark attacks which took place in the country after the last recorded incident in 1981.
Grapevine / News Briefs / 02/06/23
« Last Post by Maik on Friday, 02 June, 2023 @ 04:50:09 »
Kef fire risk 02/06/23: Low

Today’s bank rates:
1 €UR = £0.8840 GBP
1 €UR = $1.1018 USD
£1 GBP = 1.1312 €UR
$1 USD = 0.9076 €UR

Based on Alpha Bank exchange rates, these are widely used by exchange agencies in Greece.
Other banks likely to offer a different rate which may be marginally higher or lower.
Banks and foreign exchange offices normally charge standard 2% commission.
You may get a better rate changing your holiday money in advance at e.g the
Post Office.
NB: some f-ex agencies advertise "No Commission".
Invariably, they deduct commission before they (don't) advertise the rate.
Foreign exchange offices are businesses, not charities.

Ten day weather forecast for Kefalonia:
This is an overall forecast, due to the mountainous terrain the weather can be very localised.
Updated forecast @

Day, Date   Hi°/Lo°   Wind sp   Wet   Forecast
Fri 02/06   24°/18°   16 km/h   05%   Sun & cloud
Sat 03/06   25°/17°   19 km/h   24%   Mostly sunny
Sun 04/06   26°/18°   16 km/h   14%   Mostly sunny
Mon 05/06   27°/19°   11 km/h   10%   Sun & cloud
Tue 06/06   26°/19°   12 km/h   08%   Mostly cloudy
Wed 07/06   25°/19°   12 km/h   56%   Showers probable
Thu 08/06   26°/19°   16 km/h   08%   Sun & cloud
Fri 09/06   26°/19°   16 km/h   12%   Sun & cloud
Sat 10/06   26°/19°   16 km/h   07%   Sun & cloud
Sun 11/06   26°/19°   17 km/h   17%   Mostly sunny

Greek News / Re: Filming Greece
« Last Post by Maik on Friday, 02 June, 2023 @ 03:59:13 »
Rylan Clark is filming a new reality show for Prime Video. The as-yet-unnamed programme will follow a group of young British people as they try to run a bar on the party island of Zakynthos, according to The Sun.
Grapevine / News Briefs / Re: 01/06/23
« Last Post by Maik on Thursday, 01 June, 2023 @ 23:40:11 »
Hm, word has it that the Municipality of Argostoli hasn't auctioned off the concession for sunbeds and beach bar on Makrys Yialos beach (or Platys Yialos?) despite the tender last year bringing in more revenue than all other beaches in the municipality.
Grapevine / News Briefs / Re: 01/06/23
« Last Post by Maik on Thursday, 01 June, 2023 @ 23:24:56 »
Newly discovered stone tools drag dawn of Greek archaeology back by a quarter-million years

Deep in an open coal mine in southern Greece, researchers have discovered the antiquities-rich country’s oldest archaeological site, which dates to 700,000 years ago and is associated with modern humans’ hominin ancestors.

The find announced Thursday would drag the dawn of Greek archaeology back by as much as a quarter of a million years, although older hominin sites have been discovered elsewhere in Europe. The oldest, in Spain, dates to more than a million years ago.

Greek News / Re: Filming Greece
« Last Post by Maik on Thursday, 01 June, 2023 @ 22:35:43 »
Sheridan Smith has finished playing Shirley Valentine and is heading for filming in Hellas, a TV production The Castaways about two sisters who embark on a holiday of a lifetime. According to the Daily Mail.
Grapevine / News Briefs / Re: 01/06/23
« Last Post by Maik on Thursday, 01 June, 2023 @ 20:50:22 »
A 60 y-o British female tourist repatriated from Argostoli airport earlier today by private jet after suffering multiple fractures in a fall.

Grapevine / News Briefs / Re: 01/06/23
« Last Post by Maik on Thursday, 01 June, 2023 @ 16:15:37 »

Bulldozers move in on iconic Mykonos beach club

Αn iconic beach club on the popular Greek holiday island of Mykonos that was found to be in flagrant violation of multiple zoning, environmental and public access laws is demolishing more than 200 square meters of illegal constructions.

Since the iconic beach club’s violations came to light in early May, aerial photographs and building plans have revealed that the property’s owners have been systematically adding to the original 1980s building, more than trebling its size.

They also seem to have taken advantage of successive laws offering immunity for illegal construction in exchange for a fee to legalize these additions and then expand on them further, apparently in anticipation of another chance for legalizing them.
Grapevine / News Briefs / Re: 01/06/23
« Last Post by Maik on Thursday, 01 June, 2023 @ 15:29:46 »
Remote driver car rental service launches in Milton Keynes

A car rental service that delivers a remotely driven vehicle to the user has been launched in a city.

The Fetch vehicle system has been tested in Milton Keynes for 18 months and will now be available to customers.

Imperium Drive, the company behind the service where cars are controlled by an office-based operator, claimed it was the first of its kind in Europe.
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