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Janitor spends seven years designing intricate maze

Photos have resurfaced of an incredibly complex maze designed by a university janitor, who spent seven years drawing it by hand in his spare time.

Thirty years after he designed the labyrinth, his daughter published pictures of the intricate design on Twitter, which quickly went viral as users demanded to know more about the man who had produced such a complicated maze.

The girl stumbled across it while sorting through his old belongings. Her father had spent seven years creating a map of the maze in his spare time on A1 size paper, measuring 33 x 23 inches, before rolling up his final creation and seemingly forgetting about it.

Copies of the maze are now for sale for $40 (£24.50) although there is currently a three to four-week delivery waiting time because of a back log of orders.

Original story (in English), and piccies, on