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Very eerie, Indiana
« on: Tuesday, 28 January, 2014 @ 15:53:00 »
Police captain supports claims that family was tormented by 200 demons as eerie picture of figure on porch of empty house emerges

A police captain in Indiana has said he believes the story of a woman who claimed her children were being attacked and possessed by hundreds of demons.

Latoya Ammons, who is a mother of three, told authorities that demonic spirits caused her 9-year-old son to walk backwards on a hospital ceiling and her 12-year-old daughter to levitate above her bed.

The unbelievable story, which emerged in the Indianapolis Star newspaper, and is detailed in social work reports, was supported by Gary Police Captain Charles Austin.

Captain Austin, a police officer with 36-years experience, initially said he was sceptical about the family's claims but that he had been convinced after visiting the home and conducting interviews with the family.

Not everyone is swallowing the bizarre story however.

After visiting the family home a local doctor described Ammons in his notes as "delusional" and wrote about "delusions of ghost in home" and "hallucinations."

An unnamed witness described to caseworkers how the kids were "performing" for Ammons. They also said that Ms Ammons encouraged the behaviour.

There are now new tenants in the property and the landlord has not received any further reports of demonic possession.