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Kinky game
« on: Friday, 29 May, 2020 @ 00:47:19 »
Men hired for sexual fantasy break into wrong house

In a sex fantasy gone wrong, two men bearing machetes entered the wrong house in New South Wales, Australia before quickly leaving upon realising their error.

They had been hired to carry out a client's fantasy of being tied up in his underwear and stroked with a broom.

The role play was arranged over Facebook by a man near Griffith, New South Wales who provided his address to the hired pair.

But he moved to another address 50km (30 miles) away without giving an update to the two men. In July they entered a home on the street of the original address.

When they realised their error, one of the pair said "Sorry, mate" and shook the resident's hand, according to Australia media.

The two men then drove to the correct address, where the customer noticed one man had a "great big knife" in his trousers.

Apparently this was before lockdown - otherwise they might have claimed to have driven the 30 miles to test the bloke's eyesight... "Are you pleased to see me or is that a whopping great chopper in your pants?"