Author Topic: A video game too far?  (Read 1894 times)

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A video game too far?
« on: Saturday, 03 September, 2022 @ 19:05:16 »
Walk on water and perform your own miracles with the Jesus Christ simulator
Church leaders give their backing to new first-person video game that will enable players to recap key events in the life of the son of God

It is certainly not the first time that he has been the headline star. But now, following the success of many Broadway shows, Hollywood films and, of course, his debut in the Bible, Jesus Christ, son of God and man endowed with the ability to walk on water, will feature in his own video game.

The world’s first Jesus Christ simulator will enable players to recap the major events in his life and spans the period just before his baptism until his crucifixion and resurrection.

However, in what marks a rather unexpected intervention, the game is being backed by church leaders and religious authorities, who say that anything that helps spread the word of the gospel can “only be a positive thing”... even if Jesus is depicted as “an action man or superhero”.

Not sure what the Greek Orthodox church reckons to this  :papa: