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Property contracts online only
« on: Friday, 10 January, 2014 @ 00:56:40 »
Owners leasing homes or commercial properties, including farms and tourism-related properties on contracts shorter than a year, will submit copies of the contracts electronically, instead of through the tax offices, the Finance Ministry clarified on Wednesday.

In clarifications issued on the new regulations, the ministry's General Secretariat of Information Systems, which handles all tax-related electronic filing by taxpayers, said that contracts must be filed online through the Taxisnet platform even if the agreement with the renter is verbal, and even in cases of subleasing and granting of free use or by some exchange.

An exception is made for those allowing the free use of a home up to 200 square metres in surface area, to be used as a main home for immediate relatives.

All owners must have a tax identification number (AFM), or apply for one, before proceeding with their online application. Exceptions are made for rentals to foreign nationals who don't have AFMs, as long as the lease is under a year, and new legal entities whose paperwork has not been completed.