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ENFIA discount due to property insurance to have immediate effect


Saw this which may be of interest to those who pay the ENFIA (Apologies if this has already been posted)

--- Quote --- Property owners will need to have insurance coverage for earthquake, fire or flood in order to enjoy the 10% discount on their Single Property Tax (ENFIA) bill next year based on the provision included in the bill of the National Economy and Finance Ministry.

The provision has immediate effect and the discount for anyone who proceeds immediately to insure their residence will apply proportionally to the tax of 2023, which will be assessed at the beginning of the following year.

Therefore, if someone insures their residence from September – i.e. for four months of 2023 – they will receive the corresponding discount for this period.
--- End quote ---

My accountant has just asked me for a copy of my house insurance so he can apply for this discount. I hope other house holders are being asked as well. If not, maybe worth getting in touch with them. 

They'll need to be quick about it: "Owners can apply until February 22" -


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