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Life's a - mid-coronavirus - beach
« on: Wednesday, 06 May, 2020 @ 13:05:53 »
According to TUI, Greece is a Viable Destination for Tourists.

Here's how it might work:

For the operation of organised beaches managed by hotel units and public organised beaches operated by municipalities or municipal organisations, Costa Nostrum recommends:

    A 3-meter distance to be maintained between each permanent set of umbrellas & sunbeds on the beach
    Each individual (child or adult) occupies an area of 10sq.m. on the free part of the beach
    Wooden or plastic sunbeds are used
    The entire set of umbrellas & sunbeds are disinfected after use by specially trained staff with an isopropyl alcohol solution. A 20-minute wait period is also recommended before new bathers occupy an umbrella and sunbed set

The organisation also recommends that municipal beaches maintain a 15-meter distance between public showers and swimmers.

For public unorganizsd beaches in Greece, Costa Nostrum proposes that:

    Each individual (child or adult) occupies an area of 10sq.m. on the beach
    Individuals avoid any interaction with street vendors on the beach
    Individuals avoid the use of indoor public showers and locker rooms
    A distance of at least 15 meters is maintained between public showers and swimmers