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ARK Doris UK
« on: Sunday, 25 December, 2016 @ 00:29:23 »
Merry Christmas everyone. :yiamas:
Doris ARK Animal Rescue is pleased to announce that ARK Doris UK is now up and running to support ARK. It’s a small UK charity not-for-profit organisation (set up by a group of volunteers who help out at ARK) Teresa Keohane with the help of Julie-Ann P-h, Thao Nguyen and Gill Zacharou.
ARK Doris UK is now part of, and if you shop online it is so easy to help via our link:  it’s free and won’t cost you a penny but with each purchase you make ARK receives a donation through
You can also find more information on other fundraising activities and news on the ARK Doris UK facebook page at