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--- Quote ---Greek air traffic controllers’ strike to ground flights on February 28

Flights to and from Greek airports will be grounded February 28 when air traffic controllers will walk off the job to join a 24-hour nationwide strike public sector union ADEDY demanding pay rises.

Airlines are expected to cancel all the domestic and international flights.
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--- Quote ---Strike to paralyze transport on Wednesday

Greece’s largest public sector union, ADEDY,  has called a 24-hour nationwide strike on Wednesday, demanding, among other things, pay raises and staff hirings in healthcare and education.

Workers on the metro, tram and train services, taxi drivers, port workers and air traffic controllers unions are all participating in the strike.
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--- Quote ---Greece: Unionized public sector workers plan to strike nationwide March 8

Unionized public workers plan to strike across Greece, March 8 to denounce privatization policies in Greece. Striking workers, led by ADEDY union, will demonstrate at 12:30 at Klathmonos Square, Athens, during the strike. Striking workers could stage further pickets in major urban centers near institutional buildings and transport hubs.

The industrial action will impact all public sector services, including transport, health, and public administration, prompting transport and business disruptions nationwide for the duration of the action.
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--- Quote ---Greece: Air traffic controllers to conduct nationwide strike April 9
Unionized air traffic control personnel to strike across Greece from 08:00-12:00 April 9. Air travel disruptions likely.

Unionized air traffic control (ATC) personnel affiliated with the Air Traffic Controllers Association of Greece (EEEKE) plan to strike nationwide from 08:00-12:00 April 9.

Unless averted, the work stoppage will likely cause air traffic disruptions, including flight cancellations and delays across Greece.
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Strike called by PNO on Wednesday, 17/04/24. Unions in other sectors may join the strike. Might be a (good natured) crowd in plateia Vallianou around 10:30 as the Labour Center of Kefalonia and Ithaca will be holding a rally.


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