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New information on cross-border banking and pensions

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Visa and residency section updated on how to get the new residence document

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Visas and residency


--- Quote ---UK nationals legally resident in Greece to retain right of residence after December 31

United Kingdom citizens and their family members, irrespective of nationality, who are permanent residents of Greece will have an established right of residence in the country after December 31, when the transition period under the Withdrawal Agreement with the European Union comes to an end, according to a migration and asylum ministry announcement on Monday. There is also a provision for special residence permits for UK citizens and their families, irrespective of nationality, that are not permanently resident in Greece, the ministry said.

The Withdrawal Agreement calls for the issue of a new residence permit document by EU member-states that will certify the new residence status of UK citizens and their family members. Greece has opted for the fast-track process of simply confirming right of residence, rather than re-establishing the right, thus acknowledging the contribution of UK citizens to the social and economic progress of Greece.

This means that UK nationals that have been legally resident in Greece for more than five years or register as residence in Greece before December 31 and continue to stay in the country after that date establish the right to remain in the country, based on the Withdrawal Agreement.

UK nationals and their family members can apply for the new residence document from January 1, 2021, supplying the necessary supporting documents. In the case of UK citizens, they must apply to the relevant citizen protection ministry services (nearest police aliens departments) while non-EU family members must apply to the nearest Directorate for Aliens and Migration of the decentralised administrations in their area.
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--- Quote ---Greece keeps most restrictions through Christmas

Greek authorities have announced that bookshops and hairdressers will be allowed to open as of next Monday, while all other retail stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, bars and cafes will remain shut throughout the Christmas period as part of the country’s second lockdown.

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas said Friday that despite five weeks of lockdown measures, coronavirus infections remain high, putting pressure on the country’s health system. Intensive care units are at 83% of their capacity nationwide, with that increasing to 91% of capacity in the hard-hit northern city of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest urban center.

Petsas said a curfew currently in place from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. will be reduced by one hour as of Sunday night, when it will start at 10 p.m. every night until Jan. 7. Authorities have no intention of amending this for New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve, he said.

Authorities also announced the softening of a compulsory quarantine of travelers arriving in Greece from Dec. 18, reducing it to three days from the previously announced 10.
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--- Quote ---Greece Introduces Gathering Limits For Christmas And New Years

Greek Government Spokesperson Stelios Petsas on Monday announced new household gathering restrictions during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

No more than nine people (from two households) should gather in the same house, in order to avoid overcrowding.

Petsas reiterated that the nationwide night curfew from 10pm-5am will continue to apply.

All individuals residing in Greece will be required to send an SMS text message to 13033 in order to obtain permission to leave their homes during the lockdown.

The SMS to 13033 should be formatted as follows: X (one of the digits 1-6 corresponding to the activities below), name, surname and address.

The six reasons (you must SMS) are:

1.    Visit to a pharmacy or visit to a doctor if necessary
2.    Visit to a supermarket or stores for essential supplies
3.    Visit to a bank if e-banking transactions are not possible
4.    Visit to people needing assistance or escorting children to and from school
5.    Attending a funeral, as per the conditions provided by the law, or visiting children in case of divorced parents
6.    Physical exercise outdoors or up to two persons taking their pet for a walk while always observing a 1.5-metre distance.

Alternatively, individuals unable to send SMSs, can fill out the form by hand.
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