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--- Quote ---Where Was The Lost Daughter Filmed?

‘The Lost Daughter’ was filmed in Spetses, an island and a municipality in the Greek administrative region of Attica. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the island town proved to be the perfect filming site as the team was looking for a scenic but safe place that could host the production of the movie since the COVID-19 pandemic was still at its peak. The filming crew utilized several locations on the island, such as the Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses (AKSS) and the Zogeria Restaurant.
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Born in 1830 in Argostoli, following the impoverishment of his family after death of his father, Marinos Koryialenios prematurely curtailed his education and worked for several English merchants in Greece. He later moved to London where he rose to become vice-director of a merchant bank. Subsequently he established a stockbroking company where he made his fortune. He bequeathed much of his estate to 'good causes' around Greece, such as the Koryialenios Library in Argostoli and Anargyrios and Koryialenos School on Spetses.

Established as an Eton-style boarding school for the children of Greece's wealthy and influential, many of Greece's elite were educated there. The school inspired John Fowles to write The Magus after he taught there in the early nineteen fifties.

Back in 1984 Tim Severin's Argo, a replica of a Greek Bronze-age boat, was built by Vassili Delimitros in his boatyard in the Old Harbour area of Spetses. Severin sailed the boat to Colchis in Soviet Georgia to prove the Jason and the Argonauts myth had some basis in fact. It seems that in that area sheep fleeces were used to pan for gold in rivers - the tiny nuggets were caught in the wool.

I worked and lived on Spetses back in 1999 and the school was semi derelict. Happily, it's been restored and is now a popular conference centre and base for summer schools. In summer this island was bustling, mostly with Athenians as the nearest airport is in Athens, a four hour coach and ferry ride away across the Corinth Canal. In winter it was very quite and, back in the fifties must have been a very different place even during the summer, almost isolated.


--- Quote ---Millennium Media's The Bricklayer to film at Nu Boyana's European studios

The Expendables producer Millennium Media is set to shoot new action thriller The Bricklayer at its Nu Boyana studios in Greece and Bulgaria from March.

The film centres on the CIA being blackmailed for ransom payments by a criminal gang who assasinate foreign journalists and blame the US agency. As the world unites against the CIA, they attempt to lure back one of their talented ex-operatives now living as a bricklayer (Eckhart) to unravel the truth.

Filming will take place at Millennium’s Nu Boyana studio in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece...
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--- Quote ---ROBERT DE NIRO: Rumours circulating that Hollywood star will film movie in Greece

Rumours are circulating in northern Greece that Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro will be starring in a movie after reports that all necessary permits for the production of the it have already been issued.

According to reports, after extensive scouting by the film’s producers, a number of well-known and lesser-known corners of Drama in East Macedonia are being transformed into a filming location.
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--- Quote ---ITV unveils new reality game show set in Greece

ITV has announced a new reality game show called Loaded In Paradise.

The broadcaster has said the action-packed series will see party-loving pairs island-hop across the Aegean Islands in Greece in a race to take control of and spend 50,000 euros.

The reality series will start with five pairs and a gold card topped up with money, but only one couple can be in control at any time, ITV has said.
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Oh my, can't wait  :oki:

Edit: link updated for more info


--- Quote ---My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3: Nia Vardalos Prepares For Filming In Corfu

The Canadian-Greek actor, director, scriptwriter and producer Nia Vardalos is preparing to film My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 in Corfu.

Shooting will take place throughout Greece and the filming crew will be in Corfu from 5 July to 3 August.

The production team is looking for adults of all ages who would like to participate as paid extras.

Those interested should send two photos – one face and one full body – along with their full name and phone number to
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