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--- Quote ---The number 112 will now accept video and photo calls and will guide those in danger

It has been proven life-saving in hundreds of emergency situations, such as fires or floods, forming a first line of defense against such phenomena that are becoming increasingly frequent due to climate change. At the same time, many incidents where our fellow citizens were in danger for their lives were successfully addressed.

We’re talking about our well-known 112, which, as revealed today by, is being equipped with new capabilities to provide even better services to citizens.

The new 112 is expected to provide a plethora of services, from video calls and communication in cases where there is no mobile network coverage, but only Wi-Fi, to an optimized and constantly evolving communication environment tailored to the needs of people with disabilities, a Silent Button for silent incident reporting (e.g., in hostage situations), as well as protection instructions even when the user is offline. It is a complex and demanding project for which a tender is already underway by the Information Society, with a total budget of 27 million euros (including the option right and VAT).
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