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--- Quote ---Mixed weather expected for Easter weekend

Scattered showers, with occasional bursts of sunshine are expected across Greece until Sunday (Orthodox Easter), according to the forecast data released by the National Observatory of Athens on Friday.

More scattered showers are expected on Saturday, initially in the Ionian Sea.
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--- Quote ---Greece: Adverse weather forecast across much of the country through at least May 10
Severe weather forecast across much of Greece through at least May 10. Disruptions to transport, business, and utilities possible.

Authorities will likely issue new alerts or update/rescind existing advisories as weather conditions change over the coming days.

Sustained heavy rainfall could trigger flooding in low-lying communities near rivers, streams, and creeks. Urban flooding is also possible in developed areas with easily overwhelmed stormwater drainage systems. Sites downstream from large reservoirs or rivers may be subject to flash flooding after relatively short periods of intense rainfall. Landslides are possible in hilly or mountainous areas, especially where heavy rain has saturated the soil.

Authorities could issue mandatory evacuation orders for flood-prone communities over the coming days.
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Forecast for Kef not too bad


--- Quote ---Stifling Cocktail of Heat and African Dust Forecast for Greece

Temperatures will start rising from Wednesday and the African dust will roll in, kicking-off an oppressive week-long heatwave

High levels of African dusts are forecasted to hover over Greece, yet again, starting from Wednesday and lasting for approximately a week. Yet this time the dust will be accompanied by a heat wave, which is expected to create stifling conditions.

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--- Quote ---Weather: The air stream brings African dust – Which areas will be affected
Temperatures up to 29 degrees – Where rain and thunderstorms are expected

African dust returns, bringing prolonged heat. Today, Friday, the western and southern parts of Greece are affected.

The warm air masses from Africa will impact more regions over the next few days, at least until the middle of next week, when temperatures will slowly begin to decline.
The areas that will be most affected are the central and southern parts of the country.

In western Greece, the hottest day is expected to be Monday, with temperatures in western Sterea and western Peloponnese reaching locally 34 to 35 degrees.

In eastern Greece, the hottest days are expected to be Tuesday and Wednesday, with temperatures in eastern Sterea, eastern Peloponnese, and Crete locally reaching 32 to 35 degrees.
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