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--- Quote ---A 55-year-old man...recovering in hospital...after being blown off his balcony...
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--- Quote ---Following a few days of relatively fair weather, the National Meteorological Service (EMY) on Monday issued an emergency bulletin, heralding a new cold snap with heavy rain, storms and snow forecast across much of the country.

EMY warned of rain and stormy weather in western, central and northern Greece with snow in mountainous and semi-mountainous regions.

There will be adverse conditions at sea too with winds set to reach 8 or 9 on the Beaufort scale.

According to EMY, weather conditions are set to improve as of mid-week.
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--- Quote ---Weather conditions are set to deteriorate this week with the National Meteorological Service (EMY) forecasting strong winds, snowfall and storms, across much of the country.

Temperatures are set to plunge by up to 10 degrees Celsius early in the week with the cold snap expected to continue at least through Tuesday.

Conditions are to ease from Wednesday.

With strong winds likely to affect ferry departures from the country’s main ports, as was the case at the end of last week, those planning to travel by sea are advised to check ahead of time.
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brrrrrrr :help:

Brrrrr is right HiFi just had a quick nose at the Argostoli port cam and it looks as cold and damp as it is here. A day for the couch an old film on the telly and a good pot of Rosy Lea on the go! Brrrr...


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