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« on: Tuesday, 05 November, 2019 @ 08:14:41 »
Update on further extension by HMA Kate Smith for Brits in Greece
HMA Kate Smith CMG shared an update on Brexit with British residents in Greece.

You will all have seen that the European Union has agreed the UK’s request for a further extension of our membership of the EU. The extension sets a new deadline of 31 January 2020. If a new Brexit deal is approved by the UK and European Parliaments before 31 January 2020, it is possible for the UK to leave earlier.

For as long as we remain in the EU, the UK will continue to hold full membership rights and UK nationals will retain their full EU citizenship rights. So if you are a UK national living in Greece now, nothing has changed. The current rules on registering as a resident, accessing healthcare, travelling within the Schengen area, etc, remain exactly as they were until now.

However it is still very important to be prepared for Brexit. Please ensure you are correctly registered as resident in Greece, registered for healthcare, and have taken the necessary steps to exchange your driving licence. If you are planning to travel you should also check that your passport is up to date.