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Kefalonia Wind Project
« on: Sunday, 09 May, 2021 @ 07:52:48 »
Ameresco Completes Wind Project in Kefalonia, Greece

Ameresco, a cleantech integrator specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, announced its wind turbine project at Xerakia Dilinata of the Municipality of Kefalonia, Greece has completed construction and is in operation.

Located against the picturesque backdrop of Kefalonia Island, the Kefalonia Wind Project tasked Ameresco with the design and construction of four 2.3 MW wind turbines that will be operated and maintained under an additional 14-year fixed price contract. The €9.8 million renewable energy project will supply clean energy to the area, ensuring that the island’s natural beauty and resources are preserved for future generations.

The Kefalonia Wind Project will advance Greece’s environmental sustainability goals by improving the country’s overall environmental footprint and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 22,000 tons each year. That figure results in savings equivalent to 4,753 passenger cars not driven, 2,475,526 gallons of gasoline not burned or 28,731 acres of pine forest conserved. PPCR will also return 3% of revenues received from the project to local governments and communities as an added cost savings benefit from the project.

That's part of a press release by Ameresco.