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More strikes coming soon

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Apparently PNO will join the strike on 09 November. Quite possible ADEDY and other unions will join in.


--- Quote ---Nationwide strike in Greece on November 9th over rising prices

Greece will come to a standstill on Wednesday, November 9, as a nationwide strike has been declared by workers’ unions. There will be work stoppages in the means of public transport as the employees will also be taking part in the 24-hour strike announced by the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE), the Civil Servants’ Confederation (ADEDY), and the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME).

The workers are demanding the Greek government implement support measures to deal with the rapid rise in the cost of living.

The ships will remain docked in the ports of the whole country as the management of the Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) decided to participate in the 24-hour strike of the GSEE. The strike concerns all categories of ships and is nationwide.
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--- Quote ---Greece: Airlines cancel flights for general strike Wednesday

Greece’s main airlines announced domestic and international flight cancellations and schedule changes for Wednesday due to labor unions for air traffic controllers and civil aviation workers participating in a nationwide general strike that day.
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--- Quote ---State hospital workers striking over NHS bill

Greek state hospital workers have announced three days of strike action this week over a draft bill allowing National Health System (NHS) doctors to practice privately and even use public hospital facilities to treat their private patients.
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May or may not affect hospital services on Kef.


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