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--- Quote ---Greece: Healthcare workers to strike nationwide and protest in Athens, July 12

Healthcare workers across Greece plan to strike July 12 to demand increased government investment in public healthcare services. The union representing public hospital staff (POEDIN) will strike from 08:00-15:00 in the Attiki region, which includes Athens. Also, the Hippocrates Union for doctors will also hold a national 24-hour strike.
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--- Quote ---Seamen’s Federation announces strike on September 13

The Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) announced on Friday 24-hour strike that will keep all ships docked nationwide on September 13 to protest the death of a 36-year old man who was pushed off the loading ramp by crew members of the ‘Blue Horizon’ ferry.

It underlined that Greek seamen are exemplary professionals who fight to protect human life at sea every day, adding that they should not be targeted as a whole for the recent tragic event in the port of Piraeus.
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--- Quote ---Thursday protest rally and strike swells as more unions join

A strike and rally called for Thursday by the Athens Labor Unions Organization (EKA) to protest recent government policy announcements gathered steam on Tuesday, as civil servants, air traffic controllers and bus drivers joined the action.

ADEDY, the umbrella union representing Greece’s civil servants, called a 24-hour nationwide strike.
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Demonstration in the central plateia of Argostoli at 10:30 this Thursday. Might be worth contacting your tour company / airline if you're due to fly to / from Greece this Thursday.

The Panhellenic Union of Deckhands of the Merchant Marine (PENEN) and other ships' crew will be joining air traffic control and others in the 24 hour strike (usually 06:00 - 06:00) this Thursday, according to

May / may not affect local ferries, no news as yet from Levante Ferries


--- Quote ---Flights at Greek airports to remain undisrupted onThursday, as court calls strike illegal

The air traffic controllers' union decision to join a 24-hour strike called by the civil servants' federation (ADEDY) on Thursday has been ruled illegal by an Athens court, it was reported on Wednesday.

Therefore flights will be carried out as scheduled in Greece's airports.
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State doctors and nurses joining strike:


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