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Lockdown starts 06:00 Monday

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--- Quote ---Greece Pushes Second Covid-19 Lockdown to December 14

Greece announced on Thursday that it would be extending the country’s second Covid-19 lockdown by a week to 6am on December 14 allowing in meantime the opening of retail stores selling holiday goods.

This is the second extension of the containment rules beyond initially announced dates after failure of current measures to bring down the number of daily recorded Covid-19 cases and deaths resulting in increasing pressure on the health care system.
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--- Quote ---Greece extends lockdown for one more week until Jan 18

Head of Civil Protection and deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias announced on Friday the extension of the existing lockdown for one more week. The lockdown restrictions that were supposed to end on January 11 will be in force until 6:00 a.m. Monday, January 18, 2021, he said.

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