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Corinth Canal still closed

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The ex-Onassis yacht, Christina O, now available for private hire, passing through the Corinth Canal.


--- Quote ---Corinth Canal closes again for continuation of restoration works

The Corinth Canal, an artificial canal in southern Greece, that connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf, closed again on Tuesday for the resumption of the second phase of the large-scale restoration works to make it safe for navigation, the managing company said in an announcement.

The 130-year-old canal operated safely and without interruption throughout the summer, recording its best performance in the last 20 years, the Corinth Canal Company said. A total 6,001 vessels from 70 different countries navigated the canal from the day it reopened on 4 July 2022, until October 3.

The 32-million-euro restoration project is being carried out in two stages. The first involved the slope relief work and the cleaning of the canal year and the second of work to stabilize the base of the slopes.
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