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Corinth Canal still closed

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--- Quote ---Work to reopen Corinth Canal to commence in January

Work on reopening the Corinth Canal will begin in January 2022, Deputy Environment and Energy Minister Nikos Tagaras said on Thursday.

The 128-year-old canal has been closed to traffic since January after a series of landslides made it unnavigable.

The landslides filled the canal with an estimated 15,000-20,000 cubic meters of material.
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--- Quote ---Corinth Canal in Greece Shut for a Whole Year and Counting

In February 2021 a landslide forced authorities to stop the operation of the Corinth Canal. Restoration works started, but In July new landslides put a block on the works altogether.

An official Ministry of Environment and Energy decision in January stated that restoration works for the damages in the Corinth Canal would commence.

By the same decision, within two years, the officials responsible for the operation of the Corinth Canal will have to comply with the requirements of the environmental licensing legislation for the overall restoration project.
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--- Quote ---Greece Vows to Reopen Corinth Canal in July

The Corinth Canal, which separates mainland Greece from the Peloponnese, will reopen in early July after a number of landslides last year left the passageway inaccessible for over a year.

The canal will reopen on July 5 and will remain accessible until October, when it will close again for further restoration works, Greek Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Christos Dimas said in a statement.
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--- Quote ---Corinth Canal to temporarily reopen to traffic

The Corinth Canal will temporarily reopen for three months on Monday to accommodate summer maritime traffic, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Friday.

The premier was speaking after his crossing of the 130-year-old canal to inspect the restoration works that began after large-scale landslides that occurred in November 2020 and again in January and February 2021.

“There has been no substantial intervention at Corinth Canal over the last 130 years,” he noted, pointing out that it will close again in early October to allow for the second stage of the works.

In the summer of 2023, he added, the canal will reopen for four months, and the project will be completed in 2023, including the restored section.
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--- Quote ---Vessels from 45 Countries Cross Greece’s Corinth Canal in July

Vessels from 45 countries crossed Greece’s Corinth Canal in July after it reopened to transit, the country’s public assets authority said Thursday.

In the last month, more than 1,743 sea vessels have crossed the canal: 160 cargo ships, tankers and tugboats and 1,583 tourism-related boat crossings, including cruise ships, commercial yachts and private pleasure boats.

The canal will shut down again in autumn for a few months as the second phase of upgrade works begins.
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