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--- Quote from: Maik on Tuesday, 06 July, 2021 @ 15:59:31 ---Daniel Craig and the starry ensemble cast of Rian Johnson’s Knives Out 2 are currently filming on the Greek upscale island of Spetses (close to Athens) for Netflix
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Interesting location as it's the island The Magus was based on. New film gets a good review on the BBC: Glass Onion review: Daniel Craig shines in Knives Out sequel

Very good review on the Telegraph:

--- Quote ---Glass Onion, review: Daniel Craig brings the house down in a preposterously entertaining sequel
***** 5/5
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Filming of psychological thriller The Eye starts later this month in Athens and Corfu, more news on

More filming in Greece, the eleventh series of GoalStar, an Israeli 'reality' show where celebrities live and train together and then play soccer matches against local sides. Story on


--- Quote ---UN CUENTO PERFECTO has already started the filming in natural locations in Greece and will take place over several weeks between Greece and Madrid.

About Un cuento perfecto

Margot and David come from different worlds. She is heiress to a hotel empire. He has to work three jobs to make ends meet. But when their paths come together, they realise that only they can help each other win back the love of their lives.
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In the making for the Spanish market, currently filming on Mykonos.


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