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--- Quote ---Gov’t announces new Covid restrictions for January 3-16

Entertainment venues must close by midnight and half of employees in the public and public sectors will have to work from home, according to new measures announced by the government on Monday to contain the spread of the Omicron variant.

The measures, which will be in force from January 3-16, were announced by Health Minister Thanos Plevris, following the suggestions of the committee of experts.
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--- Quote ---Phone App With COVID-19  Vaccine Certificate Opens in Greece

The vaccinated in Greece now have the option of showing a certificate with other key data on their cell phones instead of pulling out papers to enter stores and other places, thanks to a new phone app.

The Digital Governance Ministry has activated the Covid Free Wallet to make it easier to present vaccination proof, or certificates of recovery, to get into retail businesses, restaurants, cafes, gyms and other leisure or entertainment venues.

The free app is available for download on smartphones and tablets at the website, as well as through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store too.

Users can store the document onto their device by scanning their certificate’s QR code or by downloading it as a PDF and clicking “Save to wallet.” Multiple certificates can be downloaded onto one device to make it easier for families.
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--- Quote ---New restrictions to apply as of Thursday as Omicron takes over

The Greek government is bringing forward a batch of new restrictions in entertainment, work and sports announced earlier this week to contain the wild spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, with authorities expected to say they will take effect as of Thursday, instead of January 3.

Entertainment and food service venues will close at midnight, have no standing customers and only allow a maximum of six per table. However, an exception will likely be made for restaurants for New Year’s Eve, which will probably be allowed to stay open until 2 in the morning.

No standing customers will be allowed and music will be banned if the measures are not respected.
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--- Quote ---EODY updates guidelines for Covid isolation, quarantine

The National Organization for Public Health (EODY) issued new guidelines for people who are infected or are exposed through a third person to Covid-19, as part of the updated restrictions issued by the government on Wednesday.
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--- Quote ---Greece to Shorten Validity of Greek Vaccination Certificates, Health Minister Reveals

Greece is planning to shorten the validity of the Greek vaccination certificate for all age groups.

The news was announced by the Greek Health Minister Thanos Plevris yesterday, on December 5. Plevris revealed that the vaccination certificates would remain valid for seven months only after the last dose of the vaccine, reports.

The Minister explained that all those who don’t receive a booster shot within the seven-month time frame would be considered unvaccinated, indicating that they will be subject to restrictions.
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