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Turkey's challenge in the Aegean


Jolly Roger:
These maps clearly show Greece's continued concerns about it's Aegean territory. Perhaps similar to Putin's historic claims, is Turkey on course to re-establish the Ottoman Empire?

Jolly Roger:
Turkey threatens Greece: We might start a war

Turkish President Erdogan warned Greece to demilitarize islands in the Aegean Sea, saying he was not joking and posting tweets in Greek and English, in a marked harshening of rhetoric against Turkey’s neighbor and historic regional rival. He said, “Otherwise Greece will regret it,” as he attended the Efes-2022 military exercise held on Aegean coasts.


--- Quote ---EU warns Turkey against continued escalation with Greece

Turkey must cease making threats and engaging in actions that are detrimental to good neighborly relations and must respect the sovereignty, territorial waters and airspace of all European Union member-states, the EU Commission’s lead spokesman for foreign affairs, Peter Stano, said on Thursday.

According to Greece’s state-run Athens-Macedonian News Agency, Stano said that the EU and its member-states expect Turkey to have a constructive attitude and to avoid steps that escalate tension with Greece, warning that failure to do so would compel the bloc to examine the appropriate response.

The European official stressed that all differences need to be resolved peacefully, through dialogue, and with respect to international law.
--- End quote ---


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