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Coronavirus cases increasing



--- Quote ---Holidaymakers warned of rising coronavirus cases at European destinations

Holidaymakers heading to and from the European mainland are being warned of a growing incidence of coronavirus, especially in tourist hotspots, which risks hampering travel plans.

Health officials across the region are increasingly calling in some cases for a reintroduction of face masks and other measures, and are urging travellers to exercise personal responsibility, warning that an escalation of the virus could lead to the swift return of restrictions.

...those who are yet to be fully vaccinated – with a double dose and either one or two booster shots, depending on their age or risk factors – are being urged by medical professionals to get the recommended protection before travelling.

Greece is among the countries to have reported a rise in cases in recent weeks. Most affected right now are younger people aged between 18 and 24, with cases most concentrated in popular tourist regions, the Greek health ministry has said. Last weekend about 11,700 new infections were reported within 24 hours, an almost threefold increase on the previous week.

The number of new infections on the islands of Corfu, Cephalonia and Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea has risen in recent weeks. Crete, the region of Attica including the Greek capital, Athens, the southern Aegean including islands such as Mykonos and Paros, plus the islands of Rhodes and Kos are also very much on the authorities’ radar.

Greece abolished the majority of its coronavirus measures in May. Face masks are still obligatory in public indoor spaces, however, including hospitals as well as on public transport and cruise ships.
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--- Quote ---Government set to throw away 40 million expired Covid tests as rates surge
Exclusive: Health officials accused of ‘scandalous’ waste for allowing 40,742,096 rapid tests to expire, rather than redistributing to nations with poor diagnostic regimes
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